After a busy day of arrivals, the campers had settled in for the evening and we were all in for a treat. Slow Pig had been busy all afternoon creating a glorious feast for campers, guests and staff alike. It was a lovely warm evening and as we strolled down to the shed the aromas of dinner hit us and we started to feel very hungry!

Slow Pig with Mena Ceramics at Dewslake Farm

We walked into a shed transformed. Greeted by a beautiful vista of long trestle tables decorated with stunning floral arrangements by Lamphey Walled Garden and lit by beautiful handmade porcelain lights courtesy of the lovely Mena Ceramics. The scene was framed with a wall of vintage sails, the perfect backdrop for Slow Pig’s vintage Citroen van.

Slow Pig at Dewslake FarmAnd the best was yet to come… as we settled into our seats and opened a bottle of wine, the food started to arrive. To start we had manchego cheese with Lamphey honey & fennel pollen, bread & homemade butter and broad bean hummus served with little handmade spoons by Mena Ceramics. Having never tried fennel pollen before I was pleasantly surprised, it was a great complement to the salty manchego. The group favourite however where the broad bean hummus and my two year old niece was particularly partial to the homemade butter! Next to arrive were the lettuce wraps with spiced lamb and pan con tomate, both delicious and devoured in a matter of minutes. Fresh tomatoes are a particular favourite of mine, always a completely different experience to the store bought variety. Knowing that there was more to come I tried to save room but I was already failing! The hot dishes soon arrived, calcots with romesco (grilled spring onions with pepper sauce) and albondigas (pork meatballs with chorizo & pine nuts).

Slow Pig at Dewslake FarmIt was nice to eat something warm as the evening started to cool and the meatballs defiantly hit the spot. Served in vintage stoneware dishes they were as much a feast for the eye and the stomach.

Slow Pig at Dewslake FarmThen a brief pause whilst the barbecue was lit for the mackerel… We took the opportunity to fire up the pot bellied stove to keep the evening chill at bay and we were treated to some beautiful harp music by Jess Ward.

Jess Ward at Dewslake Farm

Michelle from Slow Pig busily stirred the huge pan of Paella and the mackerel sizzled on the barbecue as we prepared ourselves for round two. First to arrive were gloriously colourful salads from Lamphey Walled garden, filled with delicious mixed leaves and edible flowers.

Lamphey Walled Garden at Dewslake Farm

Followed closely by the fresh mackerel and paella which I must say smelt delicious and tasted even better. We were now truly full of delicious local food but there is alway room for pudding right? The Affagato was the just the right amount of sweet with the little shot of espresso to perk us up. The perfect end to a delightful evening!